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List of changes and improvements in XRumerJanuary 26, 2019

List of changes and improvements from XRumer 18.0

  • database of text captcha was increased with other 11.000 new questions/answers, due to this success rate on trusted resources significantly increased. After test on small database first with registration of profiles and after posting using them, just in 12 hours with new XRumer 18.0 we have received 1500+ unique visitors on fresh registered domain:

    XRumer 18.0 + XEvil 4.0 traffic effect

  • Default databases are updated:
    • Posting.2018.12.txt — checked database for posting in default settings with guaranteed creation of topic, more than 107.000 links
    • Posting.2018.12_Big.Mixed.txt — mixed, not checked database. It contains more than 7.813.000 links.
    • Profiles.2018.12_All.txt — database of all profiles, more than 161.000 links
    • Profiles.2018.12_Rus.txt — database of Russian profile, more than 26.300 links
    • Profiles.2018.12_NotRus.txt — database of not Russian profile, more than 135.000 links
    • TrustedLinksFull.txt — database of trusted resources with text captchas, more 74.000 links
  • Significantly increased work with proxy:
    • Decreased timeouts in work with HTTPS
    • Fixed queries for HTTP-requests
    • Disabled header "Proxy-Connection: Keep-Alive"
    • And may other improvements…
  • Added new mods to "LogicFiles" folder:
    • NoContact — ignoring of contact/feedback forms
    • OnlyContact — posting ONLY to contacts/feedback forms
  • added new macros #theme, which gives possibility to make unique relevant to forum theme posts
  • improved work of Scheduler
  • significantly improved work with RAM on high spammed websites with lot of links on page.
  • improved logic of text captcha recognition in special on Vbulletin engines.
  • improved log of created profiles and links to them
  • improved success rate at registration and posting on engines MyBB, VBulletin, XenForo, LiveStreet, WordPress, XenForo, Discuz, Kunena, Wiki, MyBB
  • improved decoding of ReCaptcha-2
  • fixed issue with filling of "tags" field at posting, which could significantly decrease success rate.
  • improved work of 'is_no_found_any' key in xurl.txt,
  • Improved detection of register forms (marker RFORM in xmessages.txt)
  • Added new functionality to tool "Information -> MassDebug analize"
  • added new “masks” of links for profile activation to xpop.txt
  • improved logic of posting of responses to already existing topics
  • fixed work of <form action=...> parameter
  • Fixed bug in work of "target_email"-forms
  • improved mechanism of bypass of CloudFlare protection
  • improved processing of redirects
  • added new parameters to xpop.txt file

How to update?

  1. 1. Download Patch for update to XRumer 18.0 and extract it over current install, with replacement of all files.
  2. 2. Or download full version XRumer 18.0 + SP 4.0.63 and install it in new folder.

List of changes and improvements from XRumer 18.0.1

  • Default databases where updated:
    • Posting.2019.01.txt — checked database for posting in default settings with guaranteed creation of topic, more than 110.000 links
    • Posting.2019.01_Big.Mixed.txt — mixed, not checked database. It contains more than 8.193.000 links
  • Improved report of profile links creation
  • improved success rate of profile creation on Bitrix, and detection of registration and posting forms.
  • fixed leak of GDI-objects during work with anti-captcha services
  • improved work with timeouts in HTTP-connections, due to this was significantly decreased treads frozen during posting process
  • fixed bug "List index out of bounds" at usage of custom avatars
  • reduced usage of resources in express posting
  • other minor fixes
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