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XRumer 16.0.16 + SocPlugin 4.0.61May 21, 2018

  • Database of textual captcha was increased with new 2500 replies, used on trusted and popular forums, blogs.
  • Improved work of Antispam system:
  • Collecting nodes topics on SMF engines
  • Improved collecting of nodes topics
  • Submitting of replies in updated XenForo, IPBoard, Vbulletin and phpBB
  • The possibility of posting of reply in wrong place was reduces.
  • Software was trained to work with new engines:
    • XMB
    • Coppermine Photo Gallery
    • e107
    • others
  • Improved work of Scheduler:
    • fixed work of "Pause for selected time"
    • now at manually switch of task (double click on it) previous task is ended and closed
    • increased stability of software work
  • updated database of links:
  • updated work of software with Recaptcha, by taking in consideration that from March 31 — Recaptcha1 is not more supported by google.
  • optimized work of software with our severs
  • fixed error "Method Not Allowed" at posting of comments to latest version of XenForo
  • improved work with UTF-8 forums and fixed issues with work of UNICODE-projects
  • Significantly improved speed of email download via IMAP-protocol: also added command EXPUNGE, which automatically delete all read mails at the end of session
  • Significantly increased success rate with XenForo (registration, creation of topics, reply to existing ones, etc.)
  • improved work with emails (download and activation)
  • improved posting in blogs and guestbooks in Spanish and Brazilian language
  • updated work of tool "Links converter"
  • fixed possible error "Out of memory", which could appear on posting on high spammed sites with not working properly captcha (example —
  • in xmessages.txt was removed usage of flag "NOT FOUND"
  • also fixed work of flag "BANNED" in xmessages.txt
  • improved work with redirects
  • improved software logic on work with posting to existing topics
  • Greatly improved work with links in HTML code
  • improved work with Bitrix engine
  • temporarily automatic registration of emails was removed due to making completely new module for such tasks, and was added other — "Check e-mail", which can be used at project creation to check if software would connect to added email via POP or IMAP protocol
  • was removed automatic remover of old proxy (collected more than 24 hours ago) at XRumer restart; to enable again automatic remover of old proxy use hidden settings in xuser.ini — DeleteOldproxy=1 instead of 0
  • improved bypass of CloudFlare protection (SNI-version) and fixed error "Integer overflow"
  • improved work with one of IPB version, it’s footprint "Powered by Invision Community"
  • Improved work with Joomla / Kunena engines
  • improved work with [R]-linkslist
  • updated libraries for work with HTTPS-protocol
  • improved work with JavaScript (<![CDATA[ ... ]]>)
  • improved work of mail with GUI
  • Adjusted creation of database types [Z],[R],[M],[E]
  • improved registration and posting to all major blog platforms
  • add convert of BB-code [img] in HTML format, if BBcode is not working
  • Adjusted creation of logs and reports of software work


  • teach XRumer to work with WordpressForum, NodeBB, LinkorCMS, Slaed CMS, Alto CMS engines
  • Greatly improve work with text captcha
  • Bypass of two level authorization on XenForo
  • log in on forums/blogs/etc. via social network profile of Facebook, Odnoklassniki and VKontakte
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