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Changes and improvements in XRumer 16.0.11 + Hrefer 5.0.2July 20, 2017

List of changes and improvements in version of XRumer 16.0.11

  • Default databases was updated
  • database of textual captcha (answers to antibot–questions) was increased with new 5000 textual captcha, used on trusted high visited forums
  • adjusted fulfill of profiles on Joomla K2 — As "profile header" is now used a value from the Project field "Real Name" (where it can specify the desired title), and not from the "Nickname"
  • as temporal solution, decoding of ReCapctha-2 is made via "RuCaptcha" / "2Captcha"
  • Improved MassDebug logs analyzing tool
  • It was added additional details debug logging
  • It was added bypass of captcha "ctrlUnit limited" (hidden honeypot fields)
  • It was improved processing of frames
  • It was improved work in Aggressive mode of posting on IP.Board and XenForo
  • It was made some improvements in interface
  • it was added additional tools for database work::
    • “Merge database”
    • “Shuffle database”

List of changes and improvements from Hrefer 5.0.2 version

  • updated the algorithm of captcha decoding:
    • Yandex (all types)
    • QIP
    • Google
    • Bing
    • Nigma
  • adjusted procedure of software closing
  • added new instruction about updating proxy/socks
  • fixed bug of viewing number of threads after some time of software run.
  • adjusted main windows view at minimizing / expanding it
  • improved work of "Add Words from Google..." tool
  • now when is disabled proxy/socks usage then automatic update of proxylist is also disabled.
  • added new debug tool "Log threads to Debug" from dropdown menu of threads table
  • added new button for quick select/unselect of all search engines from list.
  • now by default generate of debug log "!FilteredButProbablyGood.txt" — is disabled.
  • partial list of supported search engines is disabled, because of changes in their interface
  • It’s disabled saving of decoded captcha in Debug
  • it was updated the list of Google hosts. It’s saved is googlehost.txt file
  • Improved stability of work
  • it was updated User-Agent list
  • In "Search engines stats" window (monitoring of results of each search engine) was added new dropdown menu with tools:
    • "Tune SE in engines.ini"
      (tuning of selected SE in relevant tool)
    • "Remove SE from engines.ini"
      (full delete of selected SE rom engines.ini)
  • Thanks to users support, added support for new search engines:
    • Ecosia
    • Webalta
    • QIP
    • MyWebSearch
    • Sogou
    • UKR.Net
    • Nigma
    • Sputnik
    • VirginMedia
    • Interia.Pl
    • Najdi.Si
    • SO.Com
    • Centrum.Cz
    • Qwant
    • Seznam.Cz
    • Ask.Com
    • 1&1.De
    • GMX
    • Web.De
    • IXQuick
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