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List of changes and improvements in XRumer 16.0 Elite + XEvilJanuary 03, 2017

New version of program got the number 16.0. Last year 2016 was very difficult for more webmasters. So was very important to renew SEO tools to increase direct traffic and search engine ranking.

XRumer 16 + XEvil

As usual was made comparative test of both version (new 16.0 and old version 12.0.19). The main difference of previous test, during this comparative test was used 2 different database:

  • with trusted, popular and visited forums
  • with non-forum, and not spammed recourses (blogs, guestbooks, internet shops, different services, CMS etc.)

Using XRumer version 12.0.19 was promoted the site and with XRumer 16.0 + XEvil —

As results of 12 hours test was got following results:

Video of report:

Due to limited time and limited database used, the increase of traffic of several thousands of visitors can considered as a pretty well results and distingue this update of all program updates over the past few years.

What changes helped to increase the efficiency of software?

1. New tool — XEvil

Now XRumer complex tool is updated with a new tool XEvil. This is a completely new tool for decoding of graphical captcha.

A totally new OCR — system for captcha recognition.

This new program XEvil will become a part of XRumer 16.0 and significantly will increase the opportunities to bypass anti-bot protections and number of supported platforms for submitting.

It’s not requiring any additional payments.

Now it’s available beta-version of XEvil. At the moment, it can be used only with XRumer 16.0.

Just a simple compare:

  • XRumer 12 is decoding more 400 types of captcha
  • XRumer 16 + XEvil is decoding more 8000 types of captcha (link to HTML report with examples)

XEvil is developed using same concept that we are following at development of XRumer 2017 Revolution:

  • simplicity — even an amateur can work with.
  • high performance — more than hundred decoded images in second on Intel i5 processor.
  • flexibility — for coding was used Lua, that allow to change program in future for any needs.

It’s easy to use. Just start XEvil in same time as u use XRumer 16 (Lower versions of XRumer are not supported), not required any other additional setup or settings. Software immediately will connect to XRumer and will begin automatically to decode graphical captcha during posting process.

The potential of this program is huge and the work on it is continuing. It’s planned to increase results in January — February up to 15.000 types of captcha. Also, in February, we plan to release a version that will be possible to use with any other software (not only with XRumer 16.0). It’s pretty clear even now that this software exceeds the opportunities of any other analogical software on the market.

2. New technology — IntelliForm


This technology is updated logic for decoding of fields and forms.

If captcha is decoded — this is a half of way to get work done. It’s need also to fill the field. This problem persist in XRumer, but in version 16.0 it was possible to solve.

New algorithm analyze all information around the field — encircling text, tags, parameters of tags etc. and it’s not matter in what language the site is.

IntelliForm with high probability decode unknown field and fulfill it with necessary information. Also, this updated technology is decoding arithmetical anti-bot protection, JS-protections, CSS-protection and honeypot.

3. Additional +6000 types of textual captcha

(not to confuse with graphical captcha) Database is updated with answers to anti-bot questions from trusted forums.

List of changes and improvements from XRumer 16.0:

  • implemented new mechanism of “smart” search of links/form for message sending using default settings.
  • developed a totally new algorithm of processing of textarea form
  • fixed duplicating of records in Event log during the work of Scheduler
  • added some improvements in Scheduler interface
  • masks [IGNORE] from xpop.txt are not case sensitive now
  • improved bypass of antibot-protections by analyzing HTML source code.
  • improved bypass of antibot-protections of “honeypot” type
  • adjusted logic of search for non-standard type of captcha
  • fixed bug of processing form action, starting with “//”
  • fixed bugs at form processing on WordPress and on other similar platforms
  • optimized some functions and increased parsing of form fields
  • improved algorithm of decoding of arithmetical text capctha
  • improved and optimized automatic choose of radio buttons and dropdown selects
  • increased stability of software work
  • fixed bug of processing in cycling of forms
  • adapted algorithm of processing of HTML 5
  • fixed bug with "404 Not Found" error
  • fixed some bugs in Interface
  • adjusted logic of working with BB-code
  • fixed Integer Overflow bug in image processing module
  • added additional note messages
  • added uploading xseek.txt and xgrab.txt from folder Mods (for unencrypted Mods only)
  • success rate of profile registration on Joomla K2
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