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List of changes and improvements in SocPluginFebruary 12, 2016

List of changes and improvements in SocPlugin 4.0.31

  • Added possibility to unsuspend automatically Facebook account if it’s required to identify Friends by photos
  • Now additional parameter POST (button “+”) supports variations and macros, so now can sort through additional queries at profiles collections
  • many of the key info was added in Langpack for development of multilingual part of plugin.
  • Improved processing of redirects
  • Now it’s possible to download txt-reports as database of profiles (links to profiles are used only from reports)
  • At upload of txt file of database of profile, implemented analysis of profile’s content at unknown ID (Facebook)
  • Notification about nulled list of proxy/socks was canceled if the proxy/socks is set in account or at Cycle work.
  • Updated the list of user-agents
  • Fixed the bug “Access Violation”, that could appear sometimes at minimization of window
  • if profile processing on Facebook is set up autograbbing, the links to groups are saved in \Plugins\SocPlugin\Grabbed\!Groups_*.txt
  • also, is updated the mechanism of calculation (approximatively) the number of photos and likes from avatar from profile. But this can slow down the process because to calculate are made additional GET-quires through HTTPS
  • Updated the process of authorization on Odnoklassniki
  • Also for Odnoklassniki was updated the method of profile collecting from Friends, from Groups, from guests lists and by Parameters.
  • On Facebook updated the procedure of collecting Friends, commenting Photos and pressing “Like”
  • In addition, in Facebook added automatic join optionally into Groups of processed profiles (in tools Filter – “filter…”); the information of automatic join into groups is saved Filter report - “filter good.txt” file. This tool should be used carefully, because social network can set limits.
  • Adjusted PM sending in Odnoklassniki.
  • Added support of Manual Capctha / AntiCaptcha (settings are used from XRumer in “Options>Speed-Success rate”)
  • In Odnoklassniki added the option “Press Like!”
  • also for Odnoklassniki was added the option for commenting photos
  • on Facebook was updated algorithm of profiles collecting by parameters with specified City
  • also it’s updated the authorization procedure
  • added additional warning messages for several options.

List of changes and improvements in SocPlugin 4.0.33

  • for Facebook was added the option “Collect from Possible Friends tab”. Inviting of profiles from this list is much effective and with minimal chances for ban
  • adjusted automatic grabbing of photos on Facebook
  • also for Facebook was added the option “Share” for groups (link to page can be set up from “Invite to Group” tab)
  • Adjusted the Auto-Reply system in test mode.
  • Improved the process of authorization on Facebook
  • Also is improved collecting of profiles from selected Group
  • On status panel is displayed number of HTTP-queries (if the parameter “Maximal number of HTTP-queries to account” is set up in Cycle)
  • In case if limit of the parameter is exceeded – it switches to next profile from Cycle
  • Updated the process of unlocking the account on Facebook by Photos of Friends.
  • In Post-processing added the option to delete processed profiles for specific process
  • For Facebook was added decoding of captcha during the process of unlocking the profile.
  • In Queries.txt are saved proxies which was used to send queries
  • Updated the algorithm Invite to Friends on Facebook.
  • In adjusted work of automatic processes during the checking of validation of accounts.
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