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XRumer + SocPlugin + New contest!May 27, 2015

List of changes in new version XRumer 12.0.11

  • The program was trained to new type of graphical captcha. Also, was significantly improved decoding of new ReCaptcha:

    Recaptcha, XRumer 12.0.11

    Recaptcha, XRumer 12.0.11

  • added a new Wizard to set up Project+Options+Scheduler using one click

    Project Wizard XRumer 12.0.11

  • added new databases due to improvement of work with engines, the total was got more than 300,000 unique resources:
    • MyBB_2015_All.txt
    • MyBB_2015_Rus.txt
    • phpBB_2015.txt
    • Discuz_2015.txt — database with Discuz with more than 180.000 links
    • Discuz_2015_Checked.txt
    • All_Profiles_05_2015.txt — checked database with profiles with more than 140.000 links
    • All_Profiles_05_2015_Hardcaptchas.txt
    • Rus_Profiles_05_2015.txt
    • Rus_Profiles_05_2015_Hardcaptchas.txt
  • added new semi-manual mode to enter textual captcha. This option can be enabled in "Options — Speed-success rate", which substantially increased the success rate of posting in high popular, trust forums;
    • the replies, which have resulted a 100% successful registration, are saved in textcapctha_manual.txt;
    • This file is not used at next pass, but at your discretion is possible to copy the information from there to textcaptcha.txt
    • Added temporal debug log in Debug\!TC_Manual_Bugs.txt
    • in semi-manual mode of decoding of captcha can be copied using “Ctrl+Ins”, or to duplicate current question in Google — using “Ctrl+G” (or using dropdown menu)
    • updated textcaptcha_forbidden.txt, to minimize not useful information that is not relevant to the question;
    • The system works very clearly:

      Manual Textcaptcha XRumer 12.0.11

  • Mass-PM system was significantly updated:
    • Added support of XenForo. This engine is very valuable because it does not have any captcha at PM sending and does not have any limits on number of messages sent.
    • Also added in Mass-PM support of several versions of Discuz
    • Significantly improved basic functionality in Mass-PM (link formation at message sending, collect user page etc.)
    • added support of MyBB engines
    • Improved report in Mass-PM mode
    • Improved work of Mass-PM with forums on phpBB, SMF
    • Improved work with file system in Mass-PM mode
  • increased the success rate and improved work with several engines:
    • Discuz
    • XenForo
    • MyBB
    • Bitrix
    • DLE
  • also increased the success rate on engine with footprints:
    • inurl:"index.php?site=gallery" "your comment"
    • inurl:"index.php?site=profile&id=1&action=guestbook"
    • inurl:"/light.cgi?"
    • and some other
  • Increased success rate of registration on Discuz forums.
  • Implemented decoding of Flash-capctha and animated Gif-captcha on Discuz engine.
  • Significantly increased the % of successfully posted comments on blogs/guestbooks Bitrix
  • Improved the work with DLE
  • Sleep mode of interface is disabled by default now.
  • Corrected display of number of downloaded messages at manual activation
  • Added the convert of links, if they are used from the report (together with the "Result: ...")
  • fixed a bug at saving the field “Real name” in UNICODE format
  • adjusted the logic of association's files processing
  • adjusted generation of logs Anchors.txt
  • in AntiSpam added support on variation and macros in neutral phrases — are saved in \Antispam\Neutral\
  • in Antispam is increased the level of topic collection on some engines
  • Fixed a serious bug that was ignoring forms, that could resulted a low success rate at usage of option ”Posting on behalf of previous registered user”
  • Adjusted software customization for view reports.
  • Increased specification of debug log \Debug\Path.txt
  • Now is possible to use numbers in login, but the program warns the user about the possible consequences
  • Improved processing of JS-redirects
  • Updated xpop.txt, xmessages.txt, xas.txt, xbuttons.txt
  • Updated x_user_agent.txt
  • In Scheduler was added new jobs “Perform “Autofilling” of project” and “Perform email registration on:”
  • adjusted processing of JavaScript command "getElementById"
  • optimized some parts of program’s code
  • Updated file mask to read link of captcha
  • Updated algorithm to bypass CloudFlare protection.
  • Improved processing of forms using HTML 5 format
  • Improved decoding of ReCaptcha on sites that are using jQuery
  • improved processing of captcha on sites with encoding UTF-8 и KOI8-R
  • increased percentage of successful registration on latest XenForo versions
  • fixed a bug of decoding of animated captcha on some engines
  • by default there is set up 70 threads for posting and not 10 as it was before.
  • adjusted the mailbox checking at automatic emailbox registration
  • changed method of generation of key in #gennick usage at project creation
  • added the display of actual link to resource in the semi-manual decoding mode for graphical and textual captcha
    (it’s displayed only hostname, but by clicking — will open the link that contains this captcha)
  • added special pauses at registration on MyBB recourses to bypass the time control at form filling
  • improved the display of pause for thread (when it’s requiring a delay in completing the form and / or sending)
  • added a tooltip at captcha decoding window in semi-manual mode
  • Corrected display of number for downloaded emails at manual activation
  • adjusted the processing of CloudFlare (applied a new mechanism of decoding of ReCaptcha)

Few modifications made in SocPlugin 4.0.22

  • Implemented automatic grabbing of photos on Facebook; It also saving the ID and name of the owner of photos
    (it can save the account from ban — the program automatically is “recognizing” the friend by photo at checking during authorization of Facebook)
  • Implemented support of multimedia attach on VKontakte
  • fixed a bug of Cycle, related to usage of option “Save profile list at change to next account”
  • improved the processing of content in UTF-8
  • Automatic change of UserAgent now is optional. It can be accessed in “Options of bypass protections from bots” (by default this option is enabled)
  • Implemented save of debug information in case of redirects

ATTENTION: in 1-2 weeks will be made major update of SocPlugin and BlogsPlugin with long-awaited functionality.
On June 1, 2015 will start a new Contest of articles on actual and effective usage of our software.
Prepare your materials and articles. Prizes will be pleasant and the process — certainly interesting.

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