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Improvements and modernizations in XRumer 7.7.40a EliteDecember 31, 2012

  • the program is trained to new types of graphical captcha:

    improved algorithm of decoding of ReCaptcha —
  • significantly improved decoding of simple ReCaptcha
    means Your IP should not be banned by this service! In case if your IP was banned, stop any posting for 1-2 hours
  • added ModCreator, see menu "Modifications", but in test mode. All features are simplified
  • program is trained to decode Yandex captcha,
  • added auto registration of emails on
  • decoding of captcha iQapTcha at registration on XenForo
  • added new features in Mass-PM mode, added new engines “DLE” and “uCoz” (see file masspm.ini)
  • added new databases
  • updated the list x_user_agent.txt
  • bugs that appears at authorization of software were fixed.
  • fixed bug with incorrect downloading of ReCapctha
  • fixed bug sometime appearing at Slaed captcha decoding.
  • improved processing of NEEDFIELD flag, same as processing of unknown fields “select”
  • improved stability of program work
  • improved processing of TAKEN flag
  • adjusted processing of DLE capctha
  • fixed masspm.ini for YaBB
  • extended functional of processing of masspm.ini: if for current engine parameter “Memberlist” was not added, then list of links to send personal messages will be generated based on the parameter "MessagePMgen" with adding number of user at the end. If the parameter "MessagePMgen" contain “[N]”, then number of user will not be added at the end, but will be configured in this location.
  • in Mass-PM report will be added information about type of engine
  • implemented decoding of JS-capctha on commenting pages on Bitrix (only for links containing “commentstld=”)
  • improved decoding captcha on recourses like
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