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Improvements and modernizations in XRumer 7.5.31 EliteOctober 16, 2012

  • Significantly improved decoding of simple ReCaptcha
    means your IP should not be banned by this service! In case if your account is banned stop posting for 1-2 hours
  • Was added the option to disable hotkeys set up (CTRL
  • Enter etc) through menu “Options->Hotkeys”. By default hotkeys are disabled.
  • Fixed bug in Scheduler when at changing of project, last position in database was not read.
  • Bug when program fails to generate list of textual captcha in case if Log_tc.txt exist but it size = 0
  • Adjusted mechanism add on to the of textcapctha.txt
  • Fixed bug when appears false positive result at checking syntax of textcaptcha.txt
  • Improved ability for profiles editing on European phpBB
  • Saving of Unicode in Signature field was improved
  • Bug that appears at start of program was fixed.
  • Improved MakeToIndex.ini
  • Improved collect of nodes.txt in AntiSpam system
  • Improved collect of topics on Vbulletin for AntiSpam system
  • Fixed small bugs in Antispam system
  • File xnickmask.ini was added in AntiSpam system. In this file are saved masks for nickname extract from analyzes topics
  • Optimized captcha decoding module
  • Fixed bug that appears at processing of captcha with 180x40 size
  • In Self-learning system was fixed the bug that appears at adding fields name with random component
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