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Feedback about XRumer

i actually have only the xrumer
i work with this software and its really working great Freddyc

Xrumer will do job what is promised i can guarantee that for sure. affuser

Xrumer murders Senuke X. You get waaayyyy more diversified IPS plus Xrumer is far more advanced. There is nothing on the market(that I know of at the moment) that is better than Xrumer. It would be nice to be proven wrong on this issue though transam7410

the xrumer is the best tool. This tool can be used when the keyword have very high competition. itsprabhucbe

Xrumer 7 (the Chuck Norris of the backlink tools) is by far the most powerful tool on the market. Nothing can compare to it!! maza_hunter

XRumer, reason being is for it's speed, OCR and learning mode plus it comes with Hrefer. It's just hands down the best software out there for link building (If you know how to use it right). bigkapp

....However you really can do almost anything you want with Xrumer, and that is complex. Pobman

Xrumer always... Always best software... Its easy to use and results are just awesome seoproviders

It's a great tool to harvest website addresses within your niche. hustlinsmoke

Xrumer is excellent SEO tool if you know what you're doing.
Meaning it could be use for black grey or white hat. asepkomara

It can do much more things than forum profiles or forum signatures, xrumer is a great tool if used in a proper way! kaluuu

Yes it's useful but in the right hands and handled correctly. sgsmorgan

XRumer is a great tool to create masses of links in a short period of time Fixers

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